21-Inch Rack

Inspired by the Open Compute Project (OCP), the KT-2141-121 rack meets the latest Open Rack Standard V1.2. For maximum operational efficiency, all equipment installation and service operations are accessible from the front of the rack. While occupying the footprint of a traditional 19-inch EIA rack, this Open Compute Rack accepts 21-inch equipment providing a higher compute density and storage capacity. Available with 1 or 3 bus bars.

Lite-On Cloud Infrastructure Power Solutions is an OCP Open Community Member
“All equipment installation and service operations are accessible from the front of the rack.”
Key Features
Complies with NEBS Zone 4 Seismic Requirements (optional seismic kit required)
Configurable bus bar architecture
Flat Packaging for efficient shipping and convenient stocking
Supports 1400kg of static and rolling weight
Up to 38 OpenU available for IT equipment
Includes up to two 3U centralized power shelf locations
Heavy Duty 3-inch casters for increased mobility
Heavy Duty leveling feet for uneven floors
“U” markings on rails for convenient equipment installation
Conversion Kit available for traditional 19-inch EIA Equipment
Front to rear airflow
41 OpenU, Open Frame Rack
The Lite-On Open Compute Rack is a central building block for your data center. The table below provides additional information on the different options available to create a customized solution. Please contact your local Lite-On CIPS representative for support.
Bus BarsBus Bars distribute DC power from Power Shelves
Bus Bar Access CoversBus Bar Access Covers provide safety for users and protection for the Bus Bars
IT Support BracketsSupports IT gear in 1U and 2U increments
Power Shelf Support BracketsSupports power shelves
Equipment TraySupports the weight of switching, or other equipment, in the rack
Side PanelsEnd-of-row airflow containment panels
Door KitRack Doors for the front or rear (an Extender Kit is required to install rear door)
Extender KitProvides a way to extend the depth of the rack to accommodate longer equipment
Zone 4 KitBolt-on kit for GR63 Zone 4 installations
Rack Baying KitAllows multiple racks to be bolted together for stability and GR63 Zone 3 installations