12V, 27kW Power Shelf by Lite-On Cloud Infrastructure Power Solutions
The Lite-On 27kW Power Shelf, designed for a 21″ rack, allows high efficiency at the rack level by accepting 3 phase power into the shelf and distributing single phase power to up to ten 3kW Power Supply Units (PSUs).

The N+1 configuration of 2.5 or 3 kW hot-swappable Power Supply Units (PSU) allows for maximum power output ranges up to 27kW in a 3OU form factor.
DC Power Shelf by Lite-On Cloud Infrastructure Power Solutions
“10 hot swappable 2.5kW or 3kW Power Supply Units allow maximum output operation.”

Key Features

Supplies power up to 27kW
3U shelf accepts up to 10 hot-swappable 3kW Power Supply Units for maximum 10 slot operation
21-inch shelf with a height of 3 OU (OpenU), 5.17 inches (131 mm)
Communication with Li-ion Battery Backup Shelf (BBS)
Real-time PSU and BBS monitoring and control
Remote control PSU On/Off through the required Shelf Controller
Supports 3 sets of bus bars to deliver DC power to load


Model NumberPF-2253-1L1M | 3 Phase 27kW Power Shelf
Maximum Output Power27kW
Input3-phase, 5 wire 380 / 400 / 415VAC
Output27kW (12.5VDC / 1800A)
CommunicationsCAN, PMBUS1.2
Operating Temperature0°C to 50°C
ApprovalsIEC60950-1 International, GB4943, RoHS
Dimensions (H x W x D)5.12’’ x 21.2’’ x 25.55’’ (131 mm x 528 mm x 649 mm)
Warranty3 Years