3000W GPU Power Supply

Key Features

3000W GPU Power Supply
80 PLUS® Titanium
Holdup Time: 20ms
AC Input Range 180Vac ~ 264Vac
N+M (<= 6) Redundant power supply with Hot plug, current sharing
Self-cooling with fan speed control / One Bi-color LED indicator
PMBus Compliant 1.2
Protection include OCP, OVP, UVP, OTP and Brownout
Power Density: 40.56 W/inch³
3000W is in 68mm (W) x40.6mm (H) x 439mm (L)
Altitude: 5,000 meters
Operating Temperature: 0°C ~ 45°C
Compliance EMC IEC/EN 6100
EMI Class A, -6dB margin
Safety Certificates: IEC/EN 60950-1, IEC/EN62368-1 and UL/CNS14336-1, CNS13438
GPU 3000W Power Supply by Lite-On
GPU 3000W Power Supply by Lite-On


Model3000W GPU Power Supply
Dimensions (WHD)68 mm x 40 mm x 439 mm
Output Connector / GoldfingerMOLEX P/N: 464372435
AirflowDC > AC
AC Input Range180Vac-199Vac (48.04A) 2594W
200Vac~207Vac (53.4A) 2883W
208Vac~264Vac (55.6A) 3000W
Vout / Iout 54V
Vout / Iout Vsb


Model3000W GPU Power Supply
Redundant PSU Max6
AC Efficiency 50% load96%
PF ≧ 50% load0.98
ITHD ≧ 50% load5%
Holdup Time 100% Load20ms
Operating Temperature0~45℃
Altitude5,000 m