Site Management Controller

Monitor and manage the VPOC™ system, as well as power usage for every power shelf and power supply in the data rack within one accessible location using Lite-On’s Site Management Controller.

The web interface provides the insight needed to effectively control the data center power flow while also highlighting site issues down to the power supply level.
The Site Management Controller by Lite-On Cloud Infrastructure Power Solutions
“Real-time monitoring of equipment and environment.”
Key Features
Real-time monitoring of equipment and environment
Real-time alarm logging and delivery
Remote Management through Web Interface
Three RS232 / RS485 communication ports with MODBUS support
Dual 10 / 100 / 1000 Ethernet ports
Six Digital Inputs for remote sensors
Small Form Factor – 1U high
Monitoring Features
Rack Monitoring & Control
VPOC™ and Lite-On Power Shelf
UPS, Power Metering
Access Control / Intrusion Detection
IP Cameras, Infrared
Secure Web Interface
Temperature / Humidity