Power Shelf Solutions

The Power Shelf series by LITEON provides high quality power to data center server racks. Available in power ranges from 9kW to 27kW, these highly efficient power shelves support single-phase and three-phase power configurations. Please contact us to assist with your customized power solution needs.

Server and Network Power Solutions

LITEON offers series of CRPS, GPU and Slim type high quality power supply solution for datacenter server and network application. Scalable power supply ranges from 800W to 4000W, these highly efficient power supply complies with 80PLUS Platinum or Titanium for flexible Application. Please contact us to assist with your customized power solution needs.

Battery Backup Systems

The Battery Backup System is a critical component for uninterruptible service. It is responsible for maintaining current when primary power is interrupted.

Power Distribution Solutions

Never has the need for reliable and efficient power distribution in server rooms and data centers been more critical in keeping power costs low and continuous service at optimal levels. Eliminating power management conversions provides greater cost savings and a more reliable, highly-available power service.

Site Management Solutions

Stay in touch and in control with system and environmental factors required to maintain multi-site critical operating conditions. LITEON's Site Management System consolidates relevant system health and environmental data from multiple locations into a web-based User Interface for remote monitoring and control.


LITEON CIPS offers industry standard 19-inch and 21-inch racks or cabinets configured with LITEON’s unique and innovative power system solutions. LITEON can also support emerging industry standards for the Open Compute Project (OCP), Project Scorpio and customer driven, custom-built solutions.