Battery Backup System

The Battery Backup System (BBS) by Lite-On Cloud Infrastructure Power Solutions is a rack-mounted backup power solution for servers, data centers, and other critical-power environments. The BBS provides up to 7kW of output power with a height of only 1U and supports full load 12VDC bus backup for over 3 minutes during AC loss or power fault condition.

The Battery Backup Shelf has four slots for hot-swappable 1.75kW Lithium-ion Battery Backup Units (BBUs). The modules provide maximum clean and efficient power to data centers and corporate operation facilities during planned or unexpected outages.

“Supports full load 12VDC bus backup for over 3 minutes during AC loss.”

Key Features

Four slots for hot-swappable, high performance Li-ion BBUs
Provides up to 7kW system backup power (1.75kW BBU x 4, 583.2A)
Over 3 minutes run time at full load
Monitors battery condition
Active current sharing technology to optimize battery life
21-inch Battery Backup System with only 1 OU height
PMBus 1.2 communication support

Data Rack Power System Components

ComponentModel NumberDescription
Power ShelfAll ModelsPower Shelf chassis includes one Shelf Controller slot and up to 10 PSU Module slots
Power Supply UnitAll modelsHot-Swappable Power Supply Unit
Battery Backup SystemBP-1702-01X7kW 1U Battery Backup Shelf with 4 slots
Battery Backup UnitBM-1172-01X1.75kW Battery Backup Unit
Shelf ControllerCM-12CP-010UManages the Power Shelf and Li-ion Battery Backup System (BBS)
Site Management ControllerCP-13EC-010URack management and control
21-inch OCP RackKT-2141-12121-inch Open Frame Rack