The Complete VPOC™ 10kW Backup Power Solution by Lite-On Cloud Infrastructure Power Solutions

Introducing the Lite-On Virtual Power on Call (VPOC™) solution. VPOC™ is an innovative, high-density power system that uses a fraction of the space and cooling resources of conventional Uninterruptible Power Systems. In fact, the VPOC™ system eliminates the need for a costly UPS in your power system.

The VPOC™ system consists of a 1U VPOC™ Shelf that fits into a standard 19-inch rack. The shelf contains three slots: one for the VPOC™ Power Module and up to two for swappable VPOC™ Li-Ion Battery Units. The VPOC™ system output is distributed to the system by the VPOC™ Power Distribution Unit (PDU). Optionally, this system offers a flexible, alternative configuration using VRLA batteries with an Extended Battery Module. The front panel of the VPOC™ shelf displays important system performance and diagnostic information.

Experience how Virtual Power on Call (VPOC™) can protect your critical infrastructure equipment and save money and valuable rack space.
“VPOC™ is an innovative, high-density power system that uses a fraction of the space and cooling resources of conventional Uninterruptible Power Systems.”
The VPOC™ Power Module ushers in a new era of high-efficiency and high-density power management. The Power Module provides an AC output during normal utility operation, but then intelligently switches to DC Battery operation when the AC can no longer support the load. This innovative approach takes advantage of the capability of downstream power equipment to work with either AC or DC input voltage. Using the inherent capability of your existing equipment, you will experience a significant improvement in size, efficiency, and total cost of ownership.
Main Features
High Efficiency> 99% at full load
Fast Mode Transfer Time< 4ms @ AC mode transfer to DC backup mode
MaintenanceSwappable Li-Ion Battery Units
Input Voltage, nominal208VAC / 220VAC / 230VAC / 240VAC Single Phase
Output Voltage, nominal208VAC / 220VAC / 230VAC / 240VAC Single Phase or 240VDC
Output Power10 kW
Battery RuntimeInternal Li-ion (both slots populated) = 10kW @ 2.5 min
Extended Battery Module VRLA (both slots not used) = 10kW @ 3.5 min
Small Form Factor1U High Shelf
Dimensions (H x W x D) 1.65” x 17.5” x 30.2” (42 mm x 445 mm x 766 mm)
Safety ApprovalsUL60950-1, RoHS
10kW Output Power–AC and DC – Single-phase AC input – High-density modular design – 99% Efficiency during AC or DC operation – Full protection with internal AC bypass – Communication via shelf ports – CAN, USB, RS232
Fits one VPOC™ Power Module slot and two Li-ion battery module slots – Input AC disconnect switch – Shelf level external maintenance bypass – Flexible communication including USB, CAN, and RS232 – Remote Emergency Power Off (REPO)
Designed to manage AC or DC power – Supports 1U or 0U installation – Overload protection – LED light for power-on indication
Swappable – Compact 1U Form Factor – 2.5 minute run-time at 5kW (2 battery modules provide 2.5 minutes at 10kW) – Balanced-cell technology – Voltage, current, and temperature monitoring
Extends VPOC™ run-time – 10kW DC Output – Quiet, fanless design – 3U rack-mounted module – Side-mounted handles for transport – Battery temperature sense capability – Integrated breaker – Touch-safe connectors

VPOC™ System Components

The VPOC™ system provides a comprehensive power management and battery backup capability based on multiple building blocks with configuration flexibility to suit specific power, size, and run-time requirements. The table below provides additional information on the different building blocks available to create a customized power solution. Please contact your local Lite-On PSS representative for support or more in-depth information.
ComponentModel NumberDescription
VPOC™ ModuleVM-3103-111U10kW Power Module
VPOC™ ShelfVP-3103-111UVPOC™ Power Shelf with 3 slots:
  • 1 VPOC™ Power Module slot
  • 2 VPOC™ Li-ion Battery Module slots
1U or 0U
Cabinet PDU with 20A fuse and IEC320-C13 receptacles (6) plus IEC320-C19 receptacles (2)
Expansion PDU with 20A fuse and IEC320-C13 receptacles (6) plus IEC320-C19 receptacles (2)
0U Cabinet PDU with 20A/30A fuses and IEC320-C13 receptacles (12) plus IEC320-C19 receptacles (2)
VPOC™ Li-ion Battery UnitBM-1502-010U
2.5 minute runtime at 5kW (2 battery units provide 2.5 minutes at 10kW)
4kW VPOC™ Li-ion Battery Module
VPOC™ VRLA Extended Battery ModuleBK-1151-010U3U EBM equipped with VRLA batteries for 3.5 minute runtime at 10kW
Site Management ControllerCP-13EC-010URack management and control
19″ RackKT-1942-10119-inch EIA rack